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February is Dental Month!

Everyone recognizes the importance of their own regular dental care. But dental care in pets is often ignored by owners. Dental disease affects your pet’s kidneys, liver, and lungs, as well as other organs, and it causes PAIN. Just because your pet can’t tell you that its teeth and gums hurt doesn’t mean he or she isn’t painful.

For the month of February, get $50 off the price of dental cleanings. And with each dental cleaning, you’ll also receive a free tooth brush and a 4 lb. bag of Hills T/D dental diet.

You can’t beat that!

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Mention this coupon for $25.00 off your pet’s first exam.

All Summer Long

To keep your pets happy and healthy, please ask about our specials on your favorite flea medications this summer.

(Actual internet coupon not needed to redeem flea specials.)

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Mention this coupon for $25.00 off your pet’s first exam.