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End of Life


One of the most difficult aspects of pet ownership is having to say goodbye. We understand how hard this can be, and we will do everything possible to make it as peaceful as possible for both you and your pet. We will treat your animal with dignity and respect while providing you with comfort and support.

All animals are given a sedative beforehand to calm them and ease the process. They will be comfortable while sleeping with you at their side in their final moments.


Your Pet’s Comfort

To help ensure your pet’s comfort, we offer at-home euthanasia services for our patients in addition to in-hospital euthanasia. Being at home with your pet is often comforting and soothing for both of you. If you prefer to say goodbye at home, we will schedule a time for the doctor to come to your house and assist you through this difficult time.

Pet End of Life Services Near You

We can also arrange cremation services that will treat your pet with the utmost respect. For more information, please contact us.