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Back in January we brought in Oscar, our cat, to Dr. Shaun and the team at Hillsdale Veterinary Hospital, for dental work. From prior exams and check-ups, we knew Oscar needed to have some of his teeth removed, as he’s an older cat with poor teeth.

During one of the pre-dental work exams, Dr. Shaun took his time, with out rushing, in a very concise and easy to understand way, to explain the procedures, using a little model of a cat’s jaw for demonstration purposes. Seems that a cat with poor teeth and gums is in discomfort and pain, and even mentioned that, in his experience, Oscar’s personality and behavior would change for the better as he continued to recover and heal after his teeth were removed, and he would be eating both wet and dry food as he had before the dental work

While I really didn’t expect Oscar’s personality and behavior to chance, the thought of our little family member being in constant discomfort was just not an option for his continued cat-life. Besides, I’ve always felt better after cavity fillings and other dental work, so I imagine this is true for cats too.

Oscar did need to have his teeth removed, and I can only imagine the time, patience, and care with which Dr. Shaun and his team took to perform the dental work. Have you ever looked at a cat’s mouth and jaw and seen how little room there is to work? How small their jaws are? Reminded me of working on models as a kid, only this was Oscar!

I’m very grateful to Dr. Shaun and his entire staff for the compassion, care, understanding, patience in working with me and my wife, for their listening to all our concerns, explaining the procedure, and for the continual follow-up calls during the few weeks Oscar was recovering. They are truly an outstanding team, and make you feel welcome, and treated our Oscar as if he was part of their family.

Oh, and Oscar’s personality and behavior did change for the better! He’s much more active then he used to be, much more vocal and insistent on his needs, like wanting food and wanting to go outside, and really appears to be a happier and more relaxed cat. Oscar’s also not spilling his food or water as before, something we suspect was due to his painful gums and teeth. And he’s back to eating wet and dry food again, as if nothing ever happened.

I highly recommend Dr. Shaun and the team at Hillsdale Veterinary Hospital! Just walk in and take a look at their office, meet the staff, and you’ll see how professional, caring and compassionate they are. They even have coffee, tea, and hot chocolate in their waiting area, and a streaming photo show of their four-legged patients…kind of a nice touch.

Claude Werner L.
The staff at Hillsdale Vet Hospital are among the nicest and most compassionate I’ve ever had the opportunity to know. We brought our sick, senior cat to Dr. Shaun nearly a year ago. Slingshot’s fur was dull and he was losing weight. Using his experience, Dr. Shaun ran a few basic tests that he thought would point us in the direction of a diagnosis and, fingers crossed, a cure or therapy. Well, weren’t we all flabbergasted when, after nearly two weeks of blood work and prodding, nothing was conclusive. Dr. Shaun contacted his colleagues and used the many resources at his disposal, but we still didn’t have an answer.
Much to our surprise, Dr. Shaun didn’t give up on us, even after all the tests indicated that he ought to be a healthy cat. He recommended a specialist across town who then referred us to a neurologist. Nearly two months after we first met Dr. Shaun, an MRI showed two slow-growing brain tumors.
The neurologist and Dr. Shaun worked together with us to decide how to proceed. We chose a drug therapy that kept Sling’s quality of life pretty solid up until a few weeks ago.
Sadly, Slingshot became very sick recently and this past week, we gathered at our home to bid our eldest cat farewell. Dr. Shaun was incredibly kind and helpful during what was one of the worst days of my life.
I cannot recommend this clinic enough. I’m glad we have three other cats and a dog that continue to be under his care.
M. O.
M. O.
Dr Shaun and his staff were amazing. They took excellent care of our cat and our family. I would come in with my hands full, juggling the cat and two kids and they would open the door for me, engage the kids and take the cat all with a genuine sense of caring. Dr Shaun went far beyond my expectations in the care of our cat and we have seen a rejuvenation in our 13 year old cat as a result. He once again has the spunk and energy that we have not seen in years. I definitely recommend everyone to get care for their pets at the Hillsdale Veterinary Hospital.
Roberto M.
Roberto M.

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  • Dr. Vaniman and the crew at Hillsdale Vet are the best! Our 8 year old Boxer/Lab pup Stoli had an incredibly persistent, non-cancerous abcess on his neck/collarbone area that has been a mystery for over two years. By the time a suggestion for a third surgery came up, we were pretty exhausted with our otherwise healthy pup just not getting better, but were well informed of our options and possible outcomes without having pressure to make a decision either way. Dr. Vaniman has been patient, caring, and determined to help us resolve Stoli’s health issues in every way possible. Him and the staff have the best interests in mind regarding health prognosis, cost, recovery, and peace of mind for a dog and his people; they truly go above and beyond with communication and care of the whole family. With frequent visits over the past year or so, it was comforting and incredibly helpful to know that no matter who we ran into at the office, everyone knew of our case and were up to speed on how to help. They really make it a personable and customized experience to get the best veterinary care possible. We can’t thank Hillsdale Vet enough for everything they’ve done throughout the past few years to help us keep Stoli healthy and happy.
    Laura H.
    Laura H.
  • About 1 month ago I noticed a sizable abdominal tumor in my 9 year old Aussie. She had been in for a well visit just a month or so earlier at my previous vet and it had gone undetected. I decided to try a corporate vet clinic and all they wanted to do is more costly tests without giving me many options or a good picture of her prognosis with or without treatment. Not getting the answers I needed from them, I called around to see if there was someone out there who would give my dog the care I was looking for. Every clinic I called gave me the same answer – you need more tests – until I called Dr Vaniman’s office. He took the time to discuss with me some options and described what his clinic could and couldn’t do. He was kind, thoughtful and attentive to my concerns as well as preferred diagnostic options and treatment goals. I decided to see him and he ran some inexpensive tests to get a better idea of what kind of cancer we were dealing with. After getting the results, he was not afraid to give me the bad news that with or without treatment, Bema had less than 6 mo to live. I expected to be pushed into more tests and treatments that would only extend the quantity of life at the expense of quality, but he didn’t. Instead he gave me many options on how to proceed. I decided to let her live as long as she was happy and have him come to our house to put her down when she was ready. He checked in on her periodically and eventually came to get her. Dealing with a terminal dog was very hard on me and Dr Vaniman’s compassion and advice made her last month with me far more enjoyable than before going to his clinic. I will be bringing my other dog and all future dogs to his clinic for care as he is a great clinician and, more importantly, a clinician with good bedside manor. Thank you Dr Vaniman for all your help with my difficult decision.
    Christopher T.
  • I feel like they’re honest and have integrity-which is one of the most important things you look for in any interaction. My cat has a bad ticker to begin with and then ate something random. Dr Vaniman took the time to talk to me about what his options were when it was clear that he had a bowel obstruction. I opted for the surgery (which went just fine in spite of his heart condition) and now my little fuzzball is back to his old tricks.
    Pamela C.

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Hillsdale Vet is one of the nicest, most genuine clinics I have been to. Not only do they get to know you on a personal level, they don’t try and sell you on products or vaccines you don’t need. They are honest and truthful about what is best for your pet and Dr. Shaun is amazing. I can’t say enough good things about this place!

-Ashlyn L.

Dr. Edens is one of most thorough, respected, compassionate Veterinarians that I have ever met. She knows our animals like her very own and her bed side manor and individual attention is phenomenal. We run Shiba Inu rescue for the NW and Shibas do no care for the vet but they tolerate Dr. Edens because she’s trainable. Their only complaint about her is that she is obsessed with picking their under coats when they’re ready to blow it! LOL. Puppies love her and she quite the magnet to them!

-Denise Roelke

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