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We offer an array of diagnostic testing and partner with many specialists in the area to ensure you have many options when caring for your pet.

Diagnostic Tests for Pets

  • Idexx Laboratories provides most of our clinical diagnostic testing including blood work, urinalysis, histopathology, and more. We also have full in-house laboratory capabilities, including an Idexx Lasercyte Hematology Analyser and Catalyst One Blood Chemistry Analyzer for both emergency and routing testing.
  • We utilize a digital x-ray system with a high-frequency x-ray tube head enabling us to produce images of superior diagnostic quality capable of being stored as either DICOM or jpeg files. We utilize board-certified veterinary radiologists to help provide us with the radiographic interpretation of difficult cases.
  • Board-certified radiologists from Idexx Telemedicine perform ultrasonography for in-patient cases.
  • We perform electrocardiography (ECGs) for critical cases and for pets undergoing anesthesia. An ECG allows for a better assessment of heart function and may prevent anesthetic complications.
  • We use the TonoVet, the newest veterinary digital tonometer, to more accurately measure intraocular pressure and provide a thorough eye exam.
  • We measure blood pressure using both oscillometric and doppler techniques to ensure greater accuracy.

Pet Diagnostic Services Near You

To schedule a diagnostic consultation for your pet, call us at (503) 246-4660.