Katie Dowell-Barton, DVM

Dr. Katie Dowell joined Hillsdale Veterinary Hospital with a rich background in both academic and practical veterinary medicine. Originally from Indianapolis, Indiana, Dr. Dowell completed her undergraduate studies at Purdue University. She then earned her Doctor of Veterinary Medicine (DVM) degree from the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign, where she developed a strong foundation in wildlife and rehabilitation medicine, especially focusing on Raptors.

At home, Dr. Dowell is a proud pet parent to two German Shorthair Pointers, Lily and Bella, and two Guinea Pigs, Pigsqueak and Sakura. An amateur houseplant mom, her home is filled with greenery and life. Outside of her professional commitments, Dr. Dowell enjoys a variety of outdoor activities, including hiking, camping, mushroom hunting, birding, skiing, and upland game bird hunting. She also loves live music and exploring new restaurants.

Dr. Dowell is passionate about wildlife and rehabilitation, particularly native species of plants and animals. During her vet school years, she gained extensive experience in wildlife medicine, fostering a deep love for the natural world. She treasures the family atmosphere that can develop within the veterinary field, creating strong bonds between clients, pets, and veterinary staff.
In addition to her professional passions, Dr. Dowell has a special love for Polar Bears and Elephants. She frequently visits the Oregon Zoo to connect with these magnificent animals. Her work with the Indianapolis Zoo gave her the unique opportunity to participate in data collection on Polar Bears in Churchill, Manitoba, Canada, furthering important population studies. She has also assisted with health monitoring of elephants through blood draws, experiences that have deepened her commitment to these incredible species.

Dr. Katie Dowell is enthusiastic about building relationships with clients and their pets, and she is dedicated to providing exceptional care while fostering a warm, family-like atmosphere at Hillsdale Veterinary Hospital.

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